Norbert Frilling Education Fund (NFEF)

The Norbert Frilling Education Fund (NFEF) was established to provide tuition assistance to active members of St. Philip Parish. 

   1.  It can be applied for on-line at

   2.  You will be notified of the decision around the end of June.

   3.  The application deadline for the next school year is June 1. 

   4.  The Parish Business Manager will make the adjustments to your tuition bill.


Norby Frilling is the oldest son of Earl and Theresa Frilling, both members of the St. Philip Parish Family. Norby was a normal boy, except that he was an unusually giving child. Even at snack time at school, if someone did not have one that day, he always shared his.

Norby was in his second grade of school here at St. Philip when he died suddenly of a brain aneurysm on October 29, 1991. Needless to say the family was devastated.

They made it through this trying time with their faith, prayers, and good deeds from their families, friends and the good people here at St. Philip Parish. Many people donated many things, including money.

The family wanted Norby to be remembered for his giving heart, so they in turn donated much of the money back to the school to be used for tuition assistance for active, parish family members that may need help paying for their child's education.

The Board of Total Catholic Education (BOTCE) and the parish handles this fund and is committed to keep raising money to carry on Norby's generosity. 

That's where it all started. Thanks to the thoughtfulness of the Frilling family, when at a time in their lives, giving back would have been the last thing on most people's mind.