Parish Festival News

As you read in the bulletin last week, the Diocese of Covington has not lifted restrictions on church festivals. It is ONCE AGAIN, with much
sadness that due to the continuing Covid-19 restrictions we announce that we must cancel the 2021 St. Philip Parish Festival in its traditional form.
We realize the festival is more than a money-making event: it is a time of gathering, friendship and teamwork. Depending on how the restrictions play out over the summer months there could be plans for a festival-like gathering on a much smaller scale later this summer/early fall. We do not plan on taking away the festival moving forward, just again this year due to Covid-19 restrictions.
We also realize how important the yearly festival is to the operation of our Parish from a financial standpoint. To still provide support for our Parish, we are asking for your help! This site is your chance to help St. Philip Parish during this crazy time. Here is your chance to not stand on your feet in the hot sun all afternoon, not dodge a thunderstorm at a moment’s notice and not lose pounds sweating in the kitchen or frying chicken all day/week long.
Please give prayerful consideration and donate as you are able at this time. Any amount will help support our Parish.
The link above is active and will remain active until the original festival date of June 19, 2021. You can also mail your check directly to the rectory (1402 Mary Ingles Highway, Melbourne, KY 41059) and label it FESTIVAL.

New this year - for every $50 you donate, you will receive an entry into a door prize drawing. Prizes include, Christmas Eve reserved pew at mass, Easter reserved pew at mass, Kings Island passes and any other prizes that get added/donated. Drawing will be Sunday, June 20th.

Thank you for all your gifts of time, talent and treasure throughout your time at St. Philip. Please know that you are in our prayers and please continue to pray for those affected most by the virus - the sick, their caretakers, the elderly, the homebound, our school families and all those out of work at this time.
Yours in Christ,
Fr. Bob Rottgers