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For nearly one hundred years, our Christian community has come together as St. Philip Parish. Generations of families have worshiped, prayed and received the sacraments. From the horse and buggy era to the website of today, St. Philip Parish has nourished us.

The Parish has grown in numbers, facilities and ministries. The church building, school, convent, rectory, pavilion and the Parish Center were all constructed through the generosity of earlier and many current members. Taken together, St. Philip now comprises a small campus of buildings and land.

The St. Philip Parish Endowment was established in October 2006 to honor the past while securing the future of St. Philip Parish. It will insure that the many spiritual values, traditions and outreach programs of St. Philip Parish's first 100 years will be available well into the future. The specific purpose of the fund is to provide a supplementary source of funding for:    

  • School Operations
  • Tuition Assistance and Shortfalls
  • Facility and Grounds Sustainment
  • Parish Programs
  • Outreach Activities
The Endowment is for the sole benefit of St. Philip Parish.

To help St. Philip Parish honor the past and preserve the future the endowment can accept donations of cash, pledges, gifts of stock, paid up life insurance, and/or a bequest.

For further information on the Endowment or making a donation contact one of the Trustees.

Trustee: Fr. Robert Rottgers 859.441.8949 
Endowment Advisor: Janice Weber 859.441.8949