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Altar Society


President Mary Jo Tiemeier
Vice President - Mary McGrath
Secretary   - Susan Ochsner
Treasurer  - Rhonda Rauch

Mission Statement and Purpose

We, the Members of the Altar Society of St. Philip Parish will proclaim the Good News of the Gospels through loving service to God and all of His people, especially through our care of the Church Sanctuary.

Members of the Altar Society will help with maintaining the items used for Church Liturgy. The Altar Society will work together to keep the Church clean, purchase new items when needed, and pay for Altar Bread and Wine as long as funds permit. 

Membership and Fundraisers

Membership is open to all parishioners who are willing to work together to take care of God's House, the Church. Contact the parish office at (859)441-8949 or any officer. 

Christmas raffle and Memorial Ribbons.   To download and print the Memorial Ribbon Form click on the link.

Additional Information

The Altar Society is comprised of 20 - 25 active members. Our ministry is to care for the Altar. Money raised from our Annual Christmas Raffle, pays for purchasing new vestments, supplies for the servers, communion host and wine used at Mass. On special occasions we help pay for the flowers and greenery used in the sanctuary with the Memorial Ribbons money which is collected before Christmas each year. For Thanksgiving we decorate the sanctuary with items donated by the Parishioners. Communion Sunday is the first Sunday in October at the 9:00am Mass. We also clean Church in the Spring with the help of many other Parishioners.


Meet five times a year. September, November and December meetings are the first Thursday of the month. No meeting in January. Remaining meetings for the year will be flexible due to the beginning of the Lenten season.