Capital Campaign

St. Philip Capital Campaign
St. Philip has embarked on a journey to raise $305,000.  This is the first Capital Campaign since the building of the Parish Center in 2002 and we hope it will be just as fruitful.  We understand that everyone's situation is different, and pledging your hard earned money is never easy.  Please prayerfully consider the amount you feel you can comfortably afford to give in the spirit of true Christian stewardship.  
Yes the goal of this Capital Campaign is to raise $305,000, but the underlying goal, as always, is to improve our parish and to ensure the continued faithful stewardship of the St. Philip community.  Please take time to review the below items to see what your money will be going towards.  If you would like to submit a pledge, please fill out the PLEDGE FORM and email it to or place it in the offertory basket at mass.  Your consideration and generosity is greatly appreciated.  

In order to share updates as we move towards our goal, the below graphs will be updated from time to time and any additional information will be provided as it comes available. 
1.  A house for Father Bob.  As you are by now aware, the Bishop issued a directive to all parishes within the Dioceses of Covington to separate the rectory (priest's living space) and the Parish office.  In the preceding months, members of each of the parish committees have carefully and prayerfully reviewed multiple options.  Options that were considered were, remodeling the current office and rectory, adding onto the school, adding onto the parish center, and purchasing the house across the street.  All proved to be very expensive so the decision was made to purchase a newly remodeled home in Silver Grove at a fraction of the cost.
2.  Blacktop the parking lot.  For anyone who has ever parked in the gravel lot next to the parish center, you know it is a challenge to get in and get out without losing a tire.  With proceeds from the Capital Campaign, we will blacktop the entire parking lot and add painted parking spaces.
3.  Heating and air in the school.  Ask the school children and teachers about this one.  The school is heated by an outdated boiler system.  This system is not efficient and cannot be turned on and off to regulate the amount of heat the building gets at any specific time.  Also, the classrooms are cooled in the summertime by window units.  These too are not efficient and have to be turned on and off when needed/not needed.  In addition, the cafeteria does not have air conditioning.  This greatly reduces the rental capability of this space during the summer months.  
In order to overcome this inefficiency, we would like to put in a Split System HVAC throughout the school building.  This will allow for independent heating and cooling in all rooms of the building.  The system will also be programmable to allow for more system downtime during unoccupied hours and the system to turn on at a specific time prior to occupancy.
4.  Concrete work on steps.  The steps leading from the school parking lot to the cafeteria are deteriorating.  The crumbling concrete is posing a safety risk to our children and visitors and the steps need to be replaced.