Capital Campaign

St. Philip Capital Campaign
St. Philip Church has stood as a beacon of hope and an anchor of faith in the Melbourne community for over one hundred years. Many children have been educated in our school sponsored by our church that has been in existence since 1909. It was begun and staffed by the Sisters of Divine Providence, who still reside on the property at the present time. We are now at a critical juncture for our school system.  Won’t you help us preserve this beautiful school for future generations of students?

St. Philip Parish is running a Capital Campaign, a program to acquire funds for the betterment of our school system. The monetary goal of the Capital Campaign is ultimately a sum of $305,000. Additionally, the students would reap numerous benefits, which include new heating and air conditioning system, updated door security, and safer walking conditions as a result of new pavement.

The most pressing matter is the removal of antiquated boiler system in the school, which will be replaced with a new energy efficient heating and air conditioning system. Therefore, the new heating and air conditioning system will remove the dependence on window air conditioners for cooling, and the boiler system for heat. Additionally, the cafeteria will be air conditioned, allowing for more appealing conditions for activities held there, such as our Summer Festival.

Secondly, it is now the policy in our Diocese to separate the parish office from the rectory. This separation safeguards not only our parishioners, but also our parish staff and priests. Therefore, a new rectory must be purchased to comply with this new policy. In addition, we will be replacing two sets of school entry doors, making them more secure and equipped for better fire egress.

As an additional project, the remaining gravel parking lot must be paved to allow for easier snow removal, ADA compliance; safer walking for students and staff, parking strips to allow for organized traffic flow and clearly marked parking stalls. In addition to paving the parking lot, concrete repairs around the school will be assessed.

Any potential residual funds would be added to the St. Philip School Endowment Fund to support the school in the years to come.

We are humbly requesting you to prayerfully consider making a pledge, which may be paid over a three-year term and is non-binding if circumstances should change, or a one-time donation to the Capital Campaign. If you would like to submit a pledge, please fill out the PLEDGE FORM and email it to or place it in the offertory basket at mass.  Your consideration and generosity are greatly appreciated.  

I am most grateful for your support of St. Philip in our Capital Campaign
Fr. Robert Rottgers