Welcome to Saint Philip Parish, a Roman Catholic Church, and a very active rural parish located in Melbourne, Kentucky, a small city nestled among the rolling hills along the Ohio River in Campbell County Ky.  St Philip is a member parish of the Diocese of Covington and has about two hundred families registered.  Saint Philip School is sponsored by the church, and has been in existence since 1909.  It was begun and staffed by the Siste
rs of Divine Providence, who still reside on the property to this day.

Our Pastor, Father Robert Rottgers, is a Campbell County Kentucky native.  He is a generous and kindly man, willing to serve in any way he can as shepherd of the parish.  He has his "feet on the ground," and is "comfortable to be with." 

Parish Life at St. Philip offers something for everyone.  You can be as active within the parish as you like.   To learn more check out one of the many organizations Saint Philip has to offer, from the Altar Society to the Worship Committee, or Boosters to the Board of Total Catholic Education (BOTCE).  There's something for you!  
Please come and attend one of Saint Philip's masses in our beautiful church and feel free to contact the school for more information on classes and registration.  All are welcome. 
St. Philip Parish, Melbourne Kentucky | Parish Office: (p) 859-441-8949; (f) 859-442-2611 | School Office: (p) 859-441-3423; (f) 859-441-2611

Night at the Races

Before the event - for anyone:
Horses are sold prior to the event (after the masses 11/5 & 11/6 and through school) for $5 each, you get to name the horse whatever you want.  Horse names and the “owner” names will be listed in the race program for the night. Anyone can buy a horse.  If you buy multiple horses, we can split them into different races so you increase your chance to win

Attending the event:
A $15 admission fee includes your race program, dinner, soft drinks, water & beer (Milwaukee's best light) for the entire evening. A dinner is served from 5:30-7pm - this year it is spaghetti and meatballs, bread and salad.
Light snacks are provided later in the evening.

The evening of 11/19 the horses race (yes, an old horse race is shown on the big screens, so an actual horse race occurs). There are 12 races and each race has 12 horses in the race.  If the horse you bought/named wins, you receive $25.  You do not need to be present to have your horse win, but it is more fun that way!  (You can place a bet on each race, on your horse or any other horse that you think will win.) - change in parentheses to: You have the opportunity to bet on as many races and horses that you would like. Bets are $2 each, only sold in person at the event before each race. Odds/payout are figured out based on the amount of bets placed on each horse. At the event there will be other things going on besides the races. Bankers (pull tabs), Split the Pot (2 per night) and we will be dealing Big Poker. 

Working the event:
We need workers to make this happen - sign up is attached.  This is a low key, casual event.  There are selling jobs and non selling jobs.  Please remember people are there to spend money, they know it's a fundraiser, so they are ready to spend.  You can sign up to work a shift and then just go home or you can bring a group of people, work your shift and join the crowd for the rest of the races.  There is a lot of time for socialization at this event and dinner is provided.